Spirit Gum Application     

1. Spirit Gum is basically contact cement for the skin.
2. To begin with make sure you clean any area of the skin with alcohol or witch hazel to clean any oils and dirt out of the way. Remove any hair that will be under the appliance or it may get pulled out when removing the appliance.
3. Apply a thin layer of spirit gum to the skin where you are placing the appliance and apply a thin layer of spirit gum to the appliance.
4. Allow the spirit gum to get tacky on both the skin and appliance. You can tap the spirit gum lightly with a finger until it becomes tacky to check it. It is tacky when little strings of gum stick to your finger.
5. Once the spirit gum is tacky, press the appliance in place and hold for a couple of minutes.
6. For larger appliances, prefit the piece in place and mark
the outside edges with an eyeliner pencil (or anything that will wash off) so you know where to apply the spirit gum.


1. Soak a cotton ball or swab in remover and gently massage area where the appliance is.
2. Let remover soak in to spirit gum for a minute or two to loosen it.
3. Gradually pull the appliance away from the skin, applying more remover as required.
4. You can also climb into a hot shower and remove the appliance by soaking under the hot water spray. The appliance will not be reusable if removed in the shower.
5. Gently wipe away any residue left on the skin with clean cotton balls soaked in remover
6. Repeat as needed.
7. Wash area with mild soap and water.
8. Rubbing Alcohol can also be used as a remover, it is just a bit more drying to the skin.

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